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Mind & Hands Getting a Bit Dry?

This is such a scary time so I thought I would just say a quick hello from Beauty by Amy.

If you are anything like me, being indoors in a second lockdown is quite terrifying. My dreams have been extremely weird and wonderful and any routine (be it skincare, haircare or getting dressed!) has been completely destroyed. But I know that I am not alone by any stretch.

So lets try and help you get through this as mentally unscathed as possible!

I hope you are all washing your hands more often than usual. And if you are, your poor hands will know about it by now! The advice is to ensure you are putting cream on every time you wash your hands. There are lots of different hand creams out there that i'm sure you have all tried, but the reality of trying to remember to put hand cream on every time you wash your hands is rather unrealistic to say the least, and once you have remembered to put hand cream on you end up with greasy hands (we've all had that tell tale hand cream line across our phone screens!) which is soooo annoying!

A lot of hand creams contain perfumes that give them their lovely smell but usually they are created chemically and that is no good for your hands. Body Shop do some wonderful natural hand creams and if you are someone who uses hand cream every time you wash your hands these would be ideal for you.

If, however, you are like me and don't there are still some options for you! The best option being an over night Hand Facial. There are three favourites of mine that I have listed below.

Champney's Professional Collection Intensive Overnight Hand Butter

This does exactly what it says on the tin! It is a 100ml pot of nourishment for your hands. When you get into bed simply apply to your hands, pop on the set of cotton gloves that come with it and drift off to sleep. When you wake up your hands will have had a lovely nourishing treat and you are ready to start the next day of hand washing! I would recommend using this treatment 3 times a week to keep them in tip-top condition!

Champneys Professional Collection Softening Hand Masks

These masks are fantastic if you would rather not do an over night treatment and just have 30 minutes to sit back, pop your hand masks on, put your feet up with a cuppa and relax. In the box you get 3 masks which come fully ready in disposable gloves. You simply pop your hands in, massage each hand to ensure the cream is covering your entire hand (make sure to focus on the backs of your hands and the knuckles) and wait 20-30 minutes before removing and disposing of them. And Voila - silky soft hands again! I recommend this treatment 2-3 times a week.

Diprobase Ointment

And last but definitely not least - my favourite choice! Diprobase is designed for everyday use for adults & children, it is gentle and recommended for all sorts of different skin conditions. It's available on prescription and over the counter, as well as online. It comes in a cream and ointment but I recommend the ointment for application on the hands at night. Apply a generous layer, making sure to get right into the cracks and crevices. The ointment penetrates the skin much deeper and can be used every night and throughout the day as needed but due to its greasy nature I suggest application at night once you're in bed. There is no need to apply gloves over the top so it's ideal for those of you who don't like sleeping in gloves (I always wake up and i've taken them off!) - you will notice a difference after just the first application. It is sold in 50g tubes and in larger tubs so you can choose whatever works best for you.

* Please make sure you always read the list of ingredients on the back of any product before using them to ensure you aren't allergic to any of the ingredients and do a patch test before using - a small amount on the inside crease of the elbow 48 hours before hand (it can take 48 hours for a reaction to show up). If you have any adverse reactions to any products make sure you stop using them immediately *

Share your hand tips and advice for every to enjoy!

Amy x

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