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What's causing your breakouts?

The position of breakouts on your face can actually tell you why you're getting them! I've listed all the reason's people get breakouts in certain common areas of the face - see if any of these might apply to you.


- Not rinsing hair products out properly

- Not cleansing your face properly, remember to go right up to the hairline

- Not washing your hair often enough for your oil production

Forehead & Between Eyebrows

- Not enough sleep (7-9 hours per night)

- Less processed food

- Digestion problems

- High fat diet

- Stress

- Oil from fringes/hair on the face

- Hormonal

- Breakouts above eyebrows due to low immunity eg a cold

Ears & Cheeks

- Bacteria from phone case, how often are you cleaning your phone? It harbours ALOT of bacteria!

- Bacteria and dirt from your pillowcases. If you are prone to breakouts you should be changing your pillow cases every few days

- High caffeine intake

- High salt intake

Chin & Jawline

- High sugar intake

- High dairy intake

- Hormonal issues (breakouts will vary throughout the month for women)

- Gynaecological issues


- Larger pores so more susceptible to breakouts

- Not exfoliating properly, dead skin cells build up.

- Not cleansing into the creases of the nose properly where dirt is held and goes into the pores

Breakouts are essentially clogged up pores, but there is lots of reasons why you get them. Often you find that you will breakout in the same place or you can't quite shift those pesky breakouts that you've already got. Try to focus on the causes and you will be able to ditch them as well as prevent any more 'popping' up!

Amy x


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